Saturday, August 30

New School Year

So, apparently everyone these days has a blog. I started this one a little over a year ago, and I never wrote anything. I just got the name because I thought it was cool. =) All summer I've been posting occasional items to for Lin Alder's campaign (I've been doing an internship with him) and I decided that it was kind of fun so I ought to post things for myself. Now all that remains to be seen is if anyone really cares what I have to say . . . it seems that most people I know just had a new baby, got engaged/married, or something else wonderfully exciting is happening in their life for them to start a blog.


Erin Iverson Brady said...

Yay! You have a blog! I like the layout that you have for it ... I clicked on the link at the bottom, though, and I can't read any of the text on the page and I'm afraid to mess up my page by doing something wrong.

Who's Lin Adler? I didn't realize that you were doing an internship? Now that school's started up again are you a classroom aide again?

Nothin' Like It said...

Lin Alder is someone who is running for County Commissioner here in St.George.

I'm a classroom aide again, but instead of in a severe classroom I'm in a resource classroom, and it's SO boring!