Thursday, September 4

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.

I recently read a great book called I Capture The Castle. It was written by Dodie Smith (the woman who wrote 101 Dalmations) in 1948. It was out of print for years, but I'm so glad it's in print again so that I could discover it! 

It's the journal of 17-year-old Cassandra and her life with her family in a crumbling English castle. The voice of Cassandra is just so hilarious. Her life is slowly falling apart, and she tries to pick up the pieces for her family, whilst keeping herself sane by writing in her journal.
My favorite line is "I know all about the facts of life. And I don't think much of them."

Apparently the book was made into a movie in 2003, so I can't wait to find it and watch it!


Erin Iverson Brady said...

Your blog is so cute now! =) I wanted this template because it's simple, but cute, and also kind of gender neutral since mine is for Rocky and me technically although I doubt that he'll be contributing anything to it--more of something to help me pass the time =)

This book sounds interesting. Guess what guess what?! I finished the 2nd Harry Potter last night lol Just 5 more to go.

What day are you coming down for your cousin's welcome home? Are you staying at our house? My mom told me a few days ago that we need to move stuff out of Rocky's room into mine to turn it back into a guest room.

A Real Good Bet said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're finally reading Harry Potter!!!
I think we are just going down the Friday before (so I think that would be the 19th). I assume we're staying at the Cadman's, since there won't be as many people there as there usually is for Thanksgiving, but I guess I don't know!

Joe said...

I liked the beginning of I Capture the Castle. Everything was so funny. I just couldn't keep interested to the end. Hey, good seeing you today.

This is Stacy, not Joe, by the way. Why is he signed in? Hmmmm...