Saturday, September 13

You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in!

The more you read, the more things you will know. 
The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. 
~ Dr. Suess

I have always loved to read. But, taking English literature classes made me realize that I did not want to spend my college career picking apart the novels that I love. Luckily, Dixie has a Professional and Technical Writing degree, so I can skip all the literature classes. For the most part. 
This semester I am taking Multi-Ethnic American Lit. We are only on our first novel, and I just can't care about it. I don't know if it's worse to pick apart a novel you love, or to pick apart one that you hate. I've been about 20 pages behind where we are supposed to be for the whole week we have been discussing this novel (which, by the way, is called Fools Crow by James Welch). This is an amazing feat for me, as usually I am so far ahead in my reading that I can't remember back to the stuff we are talking about in class. By Monday we are supposed to have finished the novel, so I have a very boring weekend to look forward to.

On a happier note, work is starting to get fun! Originally I was very upset that I was transferred from the Severe Special Ed. classroom to Resource Special Ed. However, the kids are still fun, and I get to visit the severe kids every week for all the fun things (like crafts, birthdays, and movie days) and skip the frustrating time working with them. In the Resource class I get to go to the library and think of fun things to make the kids want to read (it's a Language Arts classroom), which is just what I love to do! Today I looked for fun quotes about reading (an example of which you can see above) and make banners for the classroom. 

I guess I don't really have that much to say. Time to go read Fools Crow. Or . . . maybe just go to bed. I also just realized for a girl who professes to hate poetry, I have quoted an awful lot of poetry so far. Maybe I don't hate it as much as I thought!

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Erin Iverson Brady said...

I'm glad that you're beginning to like your job and that you still get to visit the students you used to work with. Liking what you do is really important. Ick to the book ... I agree with you about not liking to pick apart books that you love. And, hey! You didn't call on Thursday. Talk to you soon!