Saturday, October 11

General Conference!

So last weekend I got to go up to Salt Lake and go to General Conference with a bunch of friends. It was really fun, and being there definitely helped me to stay awake!

The session we got to go to at the conference center was Sunday morning. Unfortunately, they broadcast the Tabernacle Choir's "Music and the Spoken Word" for half an hour before conference started and it totally put me to sleep! That made the rest of the session a little hard to handle. My head was nodding off A LOT.
But, I did manage to stay awake, and these are the favorite things that I learned (from all of conference, not just Sunday morning).

My most favorite apostle ever is L. Tom Perry. I just love how cute he is! He is so smiley all the time. It's great. He talked about simplicity, and he used Thoreau as an example. The thing that stuck out the most that he said was "In our search to obtain relief from the stresses of life, may we earnestly seek ways to simplify our lives." 

I tend to be somewhat of a snob, so I like the talks that talk about literature and/or plays that I know the best. It's the same reason that Gilmore Girls  and Frasier have always been my favorite shows. Nothing makes me happier than recognizing some obscure reference to an old movie or play. 

So, needless to say, I loved Pres.Monson's talks with his references to Music Man, Our Town, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Shakespeare. His Sunday morning talk was on "finding joy in the journey". I can't even pick out my favorite parts, so here's the talk in whole:

Anyways, it's actually getting really late and I'm tired. But, they have all of conference up on if you don't
want to wait for the November Ensign. My other favorites were Elaine S. Dalton and Elder Wirthlin.

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sharon said...

Your favorite apostle is L.Tom Perry? Mine is President Henry B. Eyring. He is so handsome!