Saturday, October 18

Words of advice from The Chairman of the Board

Why Should I Cry Over You

I don't know why I should . . . cry over you
Sigh over you . . . even be blue
I should have known . . . that you'd leave me alone
And break . . . my heart in two
Although you have left me . . . alone to pine
And all of my love was . . . a (big fat) waste of time
Someday your heart will be . . . broken like mine
So why should I cry over you
You broke my heart . . .you took it apart
So pack up your baggage and beat it
Why should I cry over you

1 comment:

Erin Iverson Brady said...

For now, you're better off! He has some growing up and commitment issues to take care of. Be strong! And remember what I told you ... just think to yourself, "I don't want to end up like Jeff and Erin." =) It makes me sad that he keeps toying with your emotions the way that he is.