Friday, November 14

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." ~ Confucious

I LOVE my job! Well, right now I am writing this at work to put off doing any actual work . . . but still, I love it! I'm so sad to think that after 2 years here, next year I'm going to have to go away . . . It almost makes me want to go back to my original plan of majoring in Special Education. But no, I need the MLS. Still . . . a Masters in Special Ed. would be fun . . .
Things I love about my job:
1. When the students ask if it's reading time yet!
2. Parties for every holiday and whenever we can in between.
3. Every time I have to tell a student they aren't allowed to hug me in school, and then hugging them anyways. ;)
4. When there is a sub, and I get to make the lesson plan!
5. Decorating the classroom .
6. Grading papers and writing 100%!
7. When I miss a day, and the kids all crowd around me when I get back to see why I was gone.
8. Picking out the reading books for the kids, listening to them complain, and then catching them reading the book during lunchtime!
9. Getting super frustrated with the students, and then realizing it's just because I love them so much!
10. How excited the kinds get every time I go into work!

I'm so sad thinking about the end of the school year . . . good thing it's only November!!

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Stacy B. said...

I'm glad you gave me more ideas of books to read, except that I become lost in them and then I ignore Joe and X, my homework and all my other responsibilities. Hmmmm...I guess I'd better not read for a while.