Tuesday, December 2

"A brief period of indulging one's impulses"

 "to have one's fling": "to enjoy one's self to the full"

I was thinking today how funny it is when my LDS friends hear the word "fling" and when my non-LDS friends hear it. To my LDS friends, it seems like it usually just means a make-out session or two, or maybe just a couple weeks of dating with a few kisses here and there. 

To my other friends . . . "fling" means any small period of time filled with copulation.  It's weird how words can have such different meanings. For years and years (okay, I guess the problem still exists), there was confusion because one of our friends used "hooked up" to mean making out, whereas in our Colorado high school "hooked up" meant, well, copulation again (it's weird how many words there are for that). I don't know what it means in LDS-speak . . .  Oddly enough, when I hear the words, I always think back to the UCPS (Union Colony Prep School) meanings, so I guess high school actually does stick with you!

As for my own winter fling . . . well, I discovered a whole new fabulous category of books! Books, about books! So this Christmas I will be reading:

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
Libraries in the Ancient World
The Book on the Bookshelf
A History of Reading
Library: An Unquiet History
The Smithsonian Book of Books

and . . . just for fun,

How I Fell in Love with a Librarian and Lived to Tell about It. 

I am amazed at the amount of literature out there about books and libraries! Today, I brought a little girl I tutor to Barnes and Noble to read a few books, and we saw 3 picture books about libraries without even looking for them! Maybe I'll only ever read my kids books about libraries . . . like, Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library! That was such a great book. 

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Erin Brady said...

Bats at the Library is a really good one ... I have it at home. And I love the illustrations!