Monday, December 1

"I dreamed it was Christmas Eve . . ."

I am SO excited for Christmas!! Actually, this whole month is going to be a fabulous month. First off, The Tales of Beedle the Bard comes out on December 4th!! Unfortunately, I'll probably put off a lot of homework to read it, so it's good that I read rather quickly! Anyways, pretty much the whole Christmas season is going to be great this year. For the FIRST TIME EVER, we actually have lights up outside our house! Not a lot, but at least we're making a little progress on the Christmas decoration front! At work I get to make snowflakes to decorate the classroom, and plan our class Christmas party. School is almost over for semester, which means ONE MORE SEMESTER! Yep, then I will be an official B.S. holder. Hahaha . . . Okay, I think this isn't making that much sense since it's 1am. I should go to sleep. I wrapped presents today for almost everyone on my list! I just can't think of what to get my mom . . . 

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