Sunday, December 14

Life is too short to sleep on low thread-count sheets. ~Leah Stussy

I love sheets . . . .  Seriously, they are the best thing ever. I remember back when I used to buy cheap new sheets every summer . . . that was sad time. Luckily, I've discovered the joy of a higher thread count, and I've been sleeping on heaven ever since. 

Now, it's getting cold outside, and I got to change to my flannel sheets! Which look like this picture! Amazing that I can find a picture of my sheets on the internet! These are the best flannel sheets ever . . . . they're so nice and warm and toasty. And they go great with my purple down comforter. My bed is seriously much better looking in the winter. 

Well . . . enough about sheets. I'm going to get to bed and put them to some good use. 

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Erin Brady said...

The picture didn't show up!

Also ... Your cousin Joseph's wife's sister makes pillowcases (she wrote a blog about them) that are really cute and very well made (I ordered a pair of patriotic star-designed ones). You should order some to further dress up your winter bed =)