Wednesday, December 10

"Recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal." ~Ingrid Newkirk

For years I have been mocked as a vegetarian. Kind of strange, seeing as how I am not. I just don't eat a lot of meat. The taste/texture is gross to me. For the most part, the only meat I will eat is turkey, chicken, and fish. No more than once a week, and sometimes less than once a month. However, I think I have finally been convinced to give in to vegetarianism. It will probably be good for me, I'll learn how to get all the nutrients I need without meat, instead of just cutting out meat and then after six months of none, getting huge cravings for a steak.

The reason for my new eating habits? 

My favorite fast food place for the past 7ish years has been Sonic. This is in large due to the fact that Sonic is one of the few places that Laura can eat without a terrible allergic reaction. So, in our 7 years of friendship (oh my goodness, almost 8) I've eaten there numerous times. Almost every time we eat there, we swear it will be our last time! Our order is ALWAYS messed up. Laura's hamburger inevitably ends up with cheese, and my barbeque sauce is forgotten. However, the tater tots are so delicious (and we're too lazy to just buy them frozen) that we can't stop going back.

Though separated from my Laura by miles and miles, I found a new friend to go to Sonic with, so we've been going after our Tuesday night class every so often. Tonight, we had the worst experience of our life. Bad enough, so that I feel like I can actually stand to never go to Sonic again. I got my usual (chicken strips kids meal) but they were OUT OF TATER TOTS! This was rather disappointing, but I decided I could live with french fries. However, the girl at the window was very rude. Then we got our food and the drinks have been downsized! So, my root beer only had about 2 sips. If you have ever eaten chicken strips or chicken nuggets with me, you know I will only eat them with barbeque sauce. If there isn't any, I would rather starve. So, as you would expect, THEY FORGOT MY BARBEQUE SAUCE. 

Soon, however, we got everything in order and we drove away. I ate a couple french fries and took a bite of my chicken. Next came the second bite, A BITE OF RAW CHICKEN! Yes, that's right, I bit into raw chicken AND CHEWED IT before I realized what had happened. So, now I don't now if my first bite of chicken was raw and I actually swallowed it. 

Pretty much, it was the most horrifying experience of my life, and I will never be able to eat a piece of chicken again. 

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K la said...

You should be a vegetarian. Then you can defend your eating habits on moral grounds. Bwhahahaha