Monday, January 26


Yep! I totally met him! Well . . . I guess that might be a bit of an overstatement. But, the concert was FANTASTIC. Seriously, I had so much fun. Which is unusual, because usually I get tired of concerts. He sang for about 2 1/2 hours and it was wonderful the whole time. The theme of the tour this year was "Music-Man". So, for a little while the costumes were crazy because he was "Music-Man", a superhero out to save the music world (yeah, I know . . .). Even with the cheesiness and the glitter in his hair, 王力宏 is still amazing. 
When we first got there, before he came onstage, there was a local Vegas group that did a little dragon dance (or maybe they were chyi-ling, I'm not sure). That was pretty nice. As soon as Leehom came on the stage though, girls went crazy. Actually, they were already a little crazy. The girls behind me were from San Francisco, the girls in front from Boston, and there were even girls there from Hawaii! One of the San Franciso girls saw my phone and thought I had a Sony Ericsson because Leehom does ads for them (which I totally didn't know) and asked me "what are your thoughts on him being left-handed?" (another thing I did not know). 
MGM sold 500 cds, and only those 500 people got to get an autograph backstage from him, and I got one! That was so lucky. But, the best part was when he came off the stage. He did a little disappearing act, and appeared RIGHT BY ME! I was so excited, but I didn't think he would ever walk past me because there were girls mobbing him and his bodyguards were pushing them all away, but he did!! He walked right next to me, and SHOOK MY HAND!!! I was one of the only ones, because I was just calmly (or not so calmly, but more calm than the other girls) standing by my chair (luckily I was on an aisle!) and so the bodyguards didn't push me away and he reached out and shook my hand!! Then, I got to shake his hand AGAIN when he signed my cd cover!!! All in all, it was amazing. 

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Cami said...

Alright, so I have never seen a picture of this music star that you are in love with-but I really think you should put another picture up of him....I mean your blog about him is fabulous...but I don't know if I think he is all that cute....and I know when I see a cute asian! haha.