Monday, January 12

"The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful."~ E.E. Cummings

After the first week of class, it turns out I was right! This is going to be a great semester! I just have so many things to look forward to, and I'm just busy enough to not get bored, but I have enough time to have fun!
This weekend is a 3 day weekend, so I get to sleep in on Monday, then the next weekend is WANG LEE-HOM!!!!!!! After that is the Chinese New Year party, then one of the cheesy mystery series I like to read comes out with a new book, then a trip with friends to California, a trip up to Provo, SPRING BREAK, and 2 weddings in April. Then, I GRADUATE!! Actually, I think I have to take a couple summer classes, but those don't really count since I'm just going to take yoga and other such fun classes. Oh, and one of my friends is going to live at my house this summer, which will be way fun! Goodness, my life is so wonderful! Oh! And I am getting a haircut today! I love getting my hair cut!

This post is sounding too ridiculously upbeat. Somehow I feel like I should be writing about how upset I am that my break is over and the semester has started again since that is what everyone else's blog seems to be about. Then again, I'm too delighted with my semester to do that. I hope this feeling lasts. I even have a presentation on Friday and I don't feel like I am going to throw up or anything! I'm sure I will when the time actually comes, but for now, it's nice not to be worried about it.

This blog keeps doing weird things to the posts with spacing, but I don't know how to fix it! I know it's my fault since I did something weird to the html to get rid of some things. I'm pretty amazed that I did that actually. Oh well . . .

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K la said...

That's wonderful!! When you come up to Provo give me a call so we can hang out