Tuesday, March 3

“ 'Tis healthy to be sick sometimes." ~ Thoreau

So I realized that I never really write anything about my life, and as I am just sitting here sick at home, now is probably a time to do a little catch-up.

Here are some fun things that have happened in my life lately:
A fun road trip to California with Cami and Whitney!
High School Musical 3 is out on DVD and I own it!
A boring drive up to northern Utah to have a great time with some family/friends.

Not-so-fun things that have happened in my life lately:
I am sick . . . 
I have to hand in a 20 page rough draft for my thesis on Tuesday

To tell the truth, being sick has not been that terrible. A nice person brought me some Nyquil and cough drops, and I've developed a wonderful Nyquil addiction that has helped me through the last few days. Additionally, I've had time to lay in bed and do nothing, which is awesome. I'm amazingly not behind in school, so I don't even have to be stressed out about not being in class. 

In my time of illness, I've taken the time to catch up on all the random sites I like to read in my spare time. It seems that Orson Scott Card is finishing up writing a screenplay for the Ender's Game movie. Let us hope that finally happens. I've been looking forward to it for years, but thus far, it has never materialized. 

Well . . . I feel the time has come for more Nyquil . . . 


Erin Brady said...

Are you feeling better?

And in response to your comment about it being a little on the creepy side that I kept the Cranium stuff--that's why I didn't say anything about that until we were talking about getting married. It probably would have scared him off (and even I recognized that it was weird, too)lol

L& J said...

you spent a week in hawaii and only have one picture to show for it??? i don't believe it.

L& J said...

p.s. thanks for the compliment on the bangs. i like them too. landon is having to get used to it though. he thought i looked like a different person.