Wednesday, July 22

"Say as you think and speak it from your souls." ~William Shakespeare

It seems like I've forgotten how to write about my life and I've just been posting random things.
It's funny how all the free time in the summer somehow makes me busier . . .

Happenings in my life lately:

Utah Shakespeare Festival~ As You Like It, and in fact, I did like it!
Hiking the Narrows in Zion~ my old friend Sunny drove down from Provo and it was great!
End of Summer School~ summer class at Dixie ends tomorrow, and then my time at Dixie is really over . . .
Lots of movies~ Harry Potter! The Proposal, Up!, lots of fun movies this summer!
Lots of books~ too bad school is starting and I won't have time to read anymore . . .
Looking for a job~ much harder than you would think! I've only been called to 2 interviews out of at least 25 jobs, and I was totally qualified for all of them!
Looking for an apartment~ there are some crazy people out there, but hopefully I end up with someone nice!

Hopefully things will all fall into place and then I'll have something wonderful to post. I'm going up north for an interview next week, so wish me luck!

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