Monday, September 28

“Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.”~ P.J. O'Rourke

I love my new vacuum! Being able to vacuum up my room is AMAZING. Seriously, so good.


Erin Brady said...

What kind of vacuum is that?

I like when you walk over the floor that you've just vacuumed and it's nice and warm. Plus, I like the lines in the carpet and the strange satisfaction when I hear the "clink clatter clink" of stuff getting sucked up into it even though that usually means that the floor was really dirty.

A Real Good Bet said...

I don't know what model it is, but it's a Black&Decker, and it's the kind that folds up and is rechargable. I'm sure in real vacuum world it's not the best, but we haven't had a working vacuum, and for a 90$ vacuum it's pretty great! Plus, it's nice and small and living in an apartment that's always a plus!