Friday, September 11

"I am what the librarians have made me." ~Bernard Keble Sandwell

I feel like a lot of things have happened, yet I can't figure out what to write about!

I've started school! Yay! Here are the classes I'm taking:

Introduction to Information Access and Retrieval
Management of Information Agencies
Introduction to the Information

So, it should be a fun semester! Actually, these intro classes seem like they lean a little more towards the boring, but it will lead up to fun classes! I made a 2 year plan and everything. So I'm all set to graduate August of 2011! That is going to come up fast.

I would go into more detail about my classes, but it would just bore, and plus I've got to spend time working on my homework instead of my blog!

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sharon said...

Good luck, Lia!! Have fun at school.