Saturday, September 26

"Strict punctuality is perhaps the cheapest virtue which can give force to an otherwise utterly insignificant character." ~ John F. Boyes

You know what important value has been forgotten in our world today? Punctuality.

People these days are late for everything. What is with that? Since when did it become acceptable to

Events you should never be late to:

1. A date. I don't care how many girls have kept you waiting in the past, that doesn't mean that this girl is going to keep you waiting, or wait around for you.

2. A movie/play/anything that has a set starting time. If they weren't planning to start at 7pm, they would have told you otherwise.

3. A dinner party. If someone has spent all day cooking for you, and timing it so that dinner is going to be hot on the table when you get there and you're late . . . how do you think that makes them feel?

You know what? I was going to make a list of things you should never be late to, and a list of things that it *might* be okay to be late to. Then I realized something: IT'S NEVER OKAY TO BE LATE. If someone doesn't care what time you get there, they will tell you they don't care. "Oh, anytime between 4 and 6" means between 4 and 6. Which means that "7" means 7. So just don't be late. There is a reason that you are given a time to be there.

The most annoying thing ever that sparked this blog post? Being almost two hours late to meet to drive together from Salt Lake City to Saint George. Yes, I do want to get home as soon as possible. No, I don't want to sit around with absolutely nothing to do because I didn't everything I needed to so that we could leave at that specific time. I generally try not to complain about people on my blog (because you never know if they're reading this) but that is just ridiculous.


Jason and Kim said...

I agree with you. Go Lia! You sound so mad. So did you get to come visit St. George?

sharon said...

haha... 2 hours is TOO MUCH of a wait. No, I think waiting for more than half an hour is bad. So you're back in St. George?

Erin Brady said...

I totally agree with you! And oh my goodness ... they kept you waiting 2 hours?!?! I would have told them to find another ride and just left.

Rachel. said...

amen, sister.