Saturday, October 17

"Had the price of looking been blindness, I would have looked." ~Ralph Ellison

I know that Chels has already dedicated a blog post to him . . . but Ryan Reynolds is just so delicious I couldn't help but mention it myself. I've now watched The Proposal . . . well I don't know quite how many times, but already twice this week!

He is so yummy . . . I want to watch that movie every day of my life.

It's funny because I used to always think he was Zack Morris. Or at least that guy who plays Zack Morris. I still think they look kind of alike though, right?


Katie Seamons said...

They do look somewhat similar. The proposal?? Agreed AMAZING! I watched it 3 days in a row, and paid 4 bucks to redbox. (that is how you know I really liked it...) p.s. I am going to be at mom and dads until the tuesday after thanksgiving if you get back from cali early enough I would love to see you!

Katie Seamons said...

p.s.s. Those pictures are totally airbrushed. OBVIOUS! But he is still stinkin cute!