Monday, November 30

"Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day." ~Robert Caspar Lintner

This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Iverson Family. We usually stay at least a night or two at their house in Temecula every year at this time, but spend actual Thanksgiving at my aunt Brynna's, so this was a change. The John Iverson family spent the night as well, so we had a huge party. Which, ended up being rather well documented because of Mom and Dad's desire to have millions of pictures to send to Ray on the mission.
John, Nathan, Dad, and Bob being crazy.

Getting the food ready!

Yummy pomegranate fake wine.

Erin and Rocky went to Texas, so we took the traditional picture of the two girls with Michelle instead!

Usually our Black Friday shopping starts at 3 or 4am, but this year we went out with Nathan (who is quite the shopper!) and started at midnight instead!

Hanging out after our HUGE meal (seriously, we started snacking at 11am, and didn't stop eating until about midnight . . .)

Altogether, a fun trip. Weird that Ray and Erin weren't around, but I guess we'll have to get used to that!

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Cami said...

You guys started shopping at Midnight? Your crazy! I think Nate beat ya though-they left at like 10 or so Thursday night....