Saturday, February 20

“When I try to sing you say I'm off key; Why can't you see how much this hurts me” ~ Frank Sinatra (Desafinado)


Recently I cam across Michael Buble’s fan site. . .  and was appalled to see numerous discussions on his fan forums from fans who think he is better than Sinatra!

Now, before people freak out, I think Michael Buble is good (well, at least not terrible). His songs that are not covers(though they are few) I quite like, and given the fact that at this point in time I don’t have to option to see Sinatra live in concert, I would probably go see him.

However, Michael Buble does not even begin to compare with Frank Sinatra. The only reason people bother to try and compare them is because he is obviously imitating Sinatra. And really, you fans who think he is better, I’m sure Michael himself would not agree with you. He himself is a huge Sinatra fan, and if it weren’t for Sinatra, he probably wouldn’t even have a career! Here is what he has to say about Sinatra:

Q: How big of a Sinatra fan are you?

A: One of the biggest, with a true understanding as a vocalist of how magnificent he was. . . .Basically, God kissed this man's throat.

Q: What did you learn from him?

A: A lot of technique, to be honest with you -- breath control, singing on vowels. There's some beautiful sounds that he makes, with the way he drops his epiglottis and moves his mouth. (the rest of the interview can be found here)

Of course, the fact that he himself is a fan doesn’t really prove that he is not better, so I’ll give you a few reasons why Sinatra’s nickname was The Voice, and why Michael Buble will never be able to come close.

First of all, like I said, Michael Buble is merely imitating Sinatra. He’s got a decent voice, but it doesn’t have the beautiful smooth quality of Sinatra’s. Also, when he is trying to shake things up, you can tell he is trying. Sinatra naturally belted out all the tricks and phrases that Michael has to practice for. I guess the best thing to do would be to let you see for yourself (because oddly enough, many of these people who make the claims, have never even sat down to actually listen to Sinatra!) Just listen to the voices, don’t let the video distract you. (and, of course Buble’s video sound quality will be a little better since he’s newer, but even so there is no comparison)

Now, if that didn’t convince you (although I can’t really see how it couldn’t) let me give you some quotes from some other people:

“People who understand music hear sounds that no one else makes when Sinatra sings.”     ~ Walter Cronkite

“Let’s face it – Sinatra is a king.” ~ Bing Crosby

“Frank Sinatra’s voice expresses more eloquence than I can ever say in mere words.”           ~ Billy Joel

"One of Sinatra's favorite toasts to make with glass in hand was, 'May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.'  The master is gone but his voice will live forever." ~Tony Bennett

"He was the epitome of what singing is all about, beautiful sounds, smooth as silk, effortless, impeccable phrasing, stylish, intelligent and full of heart." ~ Barbara Streisand

However, I think my favorite quote is from this article, which says:

“Every male singer of ballads and swing after Frank Sinatra, including Michael Bublé, will always be in that shadow. There will never be another Sinatra.”

That would probably be a good note to end up on, but there is one last thing I want to mention . . . how can girls think this

is cute when compared to this


Seriously girls, get a clue.


Katie Seamons said...

Well, I would love to watch the videos...but call me blog clueless...I can't figure out how to turn the sound off of the song you have going already!

sharon said...

I love Frank Sinatra!! I went to D.I during Christmas season and bought a few old plastic disc of his! Now I just need to get a turntable to play them! haha.. Well...I am sure I can buy his songs on itunes or something, but the plastic discs are awesome!

The Boob Nazi said...

If you click on the thing on the bottom of the links (SO SPECIFIC, I KNOW), it'll lead you there. It says "Link within."

Zane and Cami said... are definitely obsessed!

The Boob Nazi said...

The whole "dropping the epiglottis" is cracking me up. Yay nerdy speech people!