Wednesday, July 14

"What do you say? Want to break into a bank?" ~ Neil Caffrey

I love USA Network. I mean, I loved it before when Monk came around, but I love it even more now. It's very unfortunate that I don't have that channel. Luckily, a genius invented Hulu, so I can watch new episode any time I want.

Which reminds me that I forgot to mention why I love USA.

Have you seen the new show White Collar? Well, not too new since it's in its second season (started yesterday). It's so great. Everyone should watch it.

In other exciting news (well, not in my own life, just in general), 王力宏 released a new single! WHICH, I think means that when his new movie's album comes out there will be new music by him on it! (I assume since he's playing a famous musician in the movie, he must sing some).

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