Monday, October 18

“Are you a magnet? ‘Cause I’m attracted to you.”

So anyone who has ever walked down a street in Greeley has been honked at by cars full of high school boys. I’m not sure if this is normal in other cities since after high school I stopped walking down streets (why walk when you can drive?).

Anyways, last week when I was stuck in traffic in Dallas, I had the most extreme version of being honked at by a truck. First, he was on my right, and when he honked I looked up and when I made eye contact I smiled (reflex, my first big mistake). After I looked away he honked a few more times and revved his engine, but since I never looked back he stopped. After passing an exit I looked up and he was gone, so I assumed that he had exited and it was now safe to look around. Mistake number two. I looked to my left and there he was! So he started honking again! (Seriously, do guys think being honked at is flattering?)

This is when it got really crazy. Traffic was barely moving and he kept honking and revving his engine. Then whenever the traffic started to move a little bit he would wait until it stopped and then speed up quickly until he was right next to me again (again, is this supposed to be impressive?).

So while all this was happening, I was trying hard to keep looking straight ahead so as not to encourage the insanity, and I noticed that the two old men in the car in front of me would jump and look around every time they heard a honk (which was quite a bit). It was hilarious.

Anyways, I guess I can’t blame the guy, we do start them honking when they’re young :)


Jason and Kim said...

I enjoyed that story--leaves a funny image in my head.

Jules said...

lol you are hilarious. But I think there is a typo in your story - were you really the first to honk??? I think if that is the case - what guy wouldn't love a gal who actually honked at them first?? haha

Lia said...

Oops! That was definitely a typo! I would never honk at a guy!

glen said...

I've honked

Cassy said...

HAHA. How funny. And obnoxious. I hate being stuck in traffic when people pretend like there are other humans on the road to engage with. :)

Rachel. said...

sweet bros in provo would honk a lot too, so in boston when it happened while riding my bike I felt like I was home.

not in a good way.