Wednesday, November 17

“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily.” ~Gerald Good


It’s almost Thanksgiving! Which means that it’s time to think about what you are thankful for, so I’ve decided to share my list with all of you. I have the feeling that it’s going to be incredibly long . . . so just deal with it! =) They’re not in any sort of order, but I always thought that was weird to do because how can you decide what you are most thankful for?

I’m thankful that we moved to Greeley and the smoking kids at Central scared me so I went to Union Colony Preparatory School and met these great people (Romero, Laura, Joel):


I’m especially grateful that 5,6, and 7 years after we graduated we can all still get together and have a wonderful time together! Especially this last great trip to Boston!



Extra thankfulness for Laura. How great is it to have a friend that is interested in EVERYTHING you are interested in? Same books, same clothes, same career goals . . . It makes it super easy to buy presents as well! She’s also the best roommate I’ve ever had (hurray for DC!) and the best travel partner a girl could have (Philadelphia, Macau, Hong Kong, etc . . .).

I’m grateful that Cami was so poor that she had to live at my parent’s house for a summer and we could scrapbook and watch Gilmore girls for an entire week straight! Also, that she’s comfortable enough with my family that she could stand to stay in a hotel room with all of us for a week in Hawaii!


I can’t even describe how pleased I am to have found to a friend who is as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am! I never thought it was possible, and I don’t know what I would do without Whitney! I don’t think anyone else I know would be willing to stand in line for as long as we did to get into Harry Potter World!


Speaking of which: I am grateful for JK Rowling, for bringing Harry Potter into my life!


I  am so thankful that years ago in Hawaii when I told Julie I didn’t like beaches, she didn’t decide I was totally insane and gave me another chance so that she could become one of my closest friends ever! And I’m especially grateful that this picture from her wedding isn’t the last picture of us like it is with so many of my friends who get married!  

In fact, let’s just be grateful for all the BYUH friends!     

I am thankful for my uncle Glenn for letting me live in this house! And for growing zucchini so I could learn how to make delicious zucchini recipes. Also that NASA hired me giving me a reason to move here, and getting to live by my cousins that I usually would only see once a year if I didn’t live here!


I’m thankful that Ray finally grew out of being a pest! Or at least that I finally got used to his pesty-ness! haha.

And that he’s in Italy and sends me Italian bookmarks for my collection! =)




I’m thankful that years ago the Iverson and Banks grandparents bought houses near each other which made it so that their sons would buy houses next door to each other which made it so their daughters could be best friends!



Wow, I was right, this is getting long! Maybe I’ll add some more next week when we’re closer to Thanksgiving!


The Reynolds said...

Um...I'm not on your list yet! And we haven't gotten together recently! If you are around in the next month or so we should get some girls together and have a lunch or something!

Zane and Cami said...

I made your Thankful List??? You just made my whole night!!!

Jules said...

I'm thankful for being on your thankful list!!! And I'm thankful for YOU! my "thanksgiving" blog was about our own adventrues...geez I'm so selfish :/