Wednesday, March 9

“I love acting, but it's much more fun taking the kids to the zoo.” ~ Nicole Kidman


Since I may be leaving Houston when I graduate in May (depending on if this part-time job turns into a full-time job, or if I get a better offer somewhere else), I have decided that I ought to make sure I experience all of Houston.

According to USA Travel Guide, the Houston Zoo is #6 in the nation, so that was first on my list. Luckily, my aunt Karen let me tag along with her and her two youngest kids and we went to the zoo on a perfect day (it’s nice to have 75 degree weather in March).


When we were walking into the zoo, Audrey kept talking about how she wanted to see the sea horses, so we went into the aquarium but we couldn’t find any so we left and told her they didn’t have any. She was kind of upset and kept saying that she had seen them there before. Then, as we kept walking she got excited that we had found the sea horses; apparently she meant sea lions! Which, I suppose have more in common with a horse than actual sea horses!


I’m hoping that I do end up sticking around because they just got a female tiger at the zoo so they’re hoping that their two tigers will mate, and there’s nothing I like more than baby tigers!

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