Wednesday, March 16

“The true meaning of America, you ask? It's in a Texas rodeo...” ~ Audie Murphy


I’ve been contemplating making this blog private so I can write more freely without worry that someone I might be writing about will see. However, I’ve decided that if anyone I don’t know about is bothering to read my blog they deserve to read it! And, if they find out anything I might not wish them to know, oh well!


Back to the point of this post: last week I went to the Houston Rodeo! A boy (I wonder if I’m old enough that I should start calling boys I know “men”) that I know had tickets that he gave to me. At first I thought he was asking me out so I accidentally turned them down, but then the next time I saw him he just handed them to me! I guess he figured out I wasn’t actually that busy.  It was the night that Tim McGraw was performing so we watched part of the rodeo and then part of his performance. I went with my cousin Beth and my uncle Glenn.


The rode part was surprisingly fun. I really want my cousin Chase to practice the mutton busting so he can do it when he’s 5! At least all the kids who were doing it were 5 or 6. It seems like it would be harder for a younger kid to hold on that tightly to a sheep.


Tim McGraw was pretty good too! It makes me really want to see that movie Country Strong after seeing him in concert and watching Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee. Has anyone seen it? Is it good?


glen said...
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glen said...

who is that handsome bald man in the glasses?