Tuesday, May 17

“I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining.” ~ Groucho Marx

Good news! Grades are out and I passed everything! So I’m officially done with my M.L.S.!
This is a very good thing since I already went on my graduation trip to London! I started out first going home to Saint George for a graduation party (again, celebrating before I was sure of graduation, haha). Once the party was over and we started planning when to leave for London, I realized I had forgotten my passport in Houston! Luckily, we were able to take a flight to Houston where my uncle came to the airport to drop off my passport before our flight to London (thanks Glenn!).
Our trip was great and I hit everything on my list (and then some)! Here is what we saw:
1. The Tower of London – During our tour with the Yeoman (his name was Bob), we heard about our relative, Simon Burley, who was beheaded there!
2. St. Paul’s Cathedral – We went to go find another Burley relative, but there had been a fire since his burial so he was nowhere to be found.
3. Museum of London
4. Tower Bridge
5. Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens – I dipped my feet in the Princess Diana Memorial fountain and it was so refreshing! Plus, of course I needed a picture with the Peter Pan statue put there by J.M.Barrie!

6. Buckingham Palace – We went to watch the changing of the guard, and there was a huge crowd in front of the palace so we were wondering what was going on, until we realized they were also waiting for the changing of the guard! Who knew it was so popular?
7. Westminster Abbey – So fun to see after watching the wedding! Plus they had a special display about the wedding. Also, it turns out that the Westminster Abbey Librarians (and their wives) get memorials in the cathedral when they die! I also saw the door to the library . . . but unfortunately it was locked so I didn’t get to meet the librarian to beg for a job.
8. Chinatown – Because we always go to Chinatown in every city/country we visit!
9. Parliament/Big Ben
10. King’s Cross/Platform 9 3/4 – Unfortunately, there was construction going on (in pretty much the entire city to get ready for the Olympics next year) so the brick wall where Platform 9 3/4 would usually be was blocked off and I had to take a picture with a fake brick wall. =(
11. British Library – My new career goal, the Library of Congress is so lame in comparison.
12. Charles Dickens House
13. Millennium Bridge – Just to take a picture since it was in one of the Harry Potter movies, haha.
14. Covent Garden/Jubilee Market
15. Globe Theatre – Old site, and new reproduction.
16. The Clink (prison)
16. United Grand Lodge of England Masonic Library and Museum
17. Sherlock Holmes Museum
18. British Museum – Saw my first unwrapped mummies . . . disgusting. I will have nightmares for years!
19. Churchill War Rooms – The underground rooms that were used during WWII for planning. In addition to being underground, they also had steel ceilings to protect from any bombs. But they didn’t need to worry because instead the Germans bombed nearby Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Seriously, why did they go for the churches rather than the government buildings?
20. Harrods – Best department store ever!
Plus, in going with the Harry Potter theme of the trip (okay, it wasn’t that big of a theme, but it will always be a theme of any trip I take to the UK) we stayed in a town called Wandsworth!

Amazingly enough, we had an entire week with no rain and plenty of sunshine!


Jason and Kim said...

Congrats on your degree! That must feel pretty good. I have my fingers crossed for this December for myself.

Zane and Cami said...

So glad you guys were able to visit SO many places! That is awesome!!