Wednesday, June 15

“That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.” ~Ninon de L'Enclos


Recently I painted my fingernails for the first time since middle school, because I discovered something amazing . . . DSCN3461

Newspaper nails! Please ignore the blurriness of the picture/messiness of my paint job. Obviously it’s been awhile . . . this is why people pay for manicures.

However, even though I didn’t do the best job, it was still amazing! What could be better than having your nails look like newspaper/book pages?!

In case anyone cares to try it out, it’s super easy! First you paint your nails a solid color (a light color works best, you can’t really tell, but my nails are actually lavender). While you are letting them dry (they have to be completely dry) you can cut up a newspaper into pieces slightly bigger than your nail. It’s kind of fun to pick out words. Since I did this shortly after the Royal Wedding my thumb said “Prince”.

After your nails are dry, you take them one by one and dip them into rubbing alcohol and then press the newspaper on. Be careful that you don’t move the newspaper after you press it on or it will smudge. After holding it on for a couple of seconds you can lift it off and move on to the next nail.

Then . . . you have to wait again. Once you feel that your nails are completely dry, give them a clear topcoat so that the newspaper won’t smudge away!

Basically, these are the coolest nails you’ll ever have. =) I usually like to wear an incredibly nerdy shirt on first dates (like my “Reading is Sexy” or “That’s what she read.” shirt) to scare them away (because really if they can be scared away by a shirt, they aren’t worth it) but maybe now I’ll add some geeky nails into the mix . . . haha.


Katie Seamons said...

did you get my page trash can email? i expect to see a replica in your bedroom in a blog post asap! ;)

K La said...

That is actually really awesome