Wednesday, July 6

“Weasley can save anything, He never leaves a single ring, That's why Gryffindors all sing: Weasley is our King.”


A few weeks ago, in preparation for the awesomeness that will be happening on July 15 I went slightly crazy (it was a long weekend) and made Harry Potter T-shirt for everyone coming to my party, and then a few more to be sent in the mail to those who can’t make it due to distance.

I think everyone who is getting one has received them (unless I go through another random bout of shirt painting) so now I can show them off:


The Gryffindor shirt took FOREVER. So I decided to give it to Ray so I can admire my work more often. Haha.

Actually just while posting this I’ve come up with a million more ideas and thought of more people to send them too! I also realized I didn’t actually take a picture of some of the cuter ones before I mailed them off =( So . . . assuming I finish my decorations for the party coming up (which hopefully I do because my plans are getting pretty big) a new round of shirts might be coming up too . . . Who knew you could have so much fun with freezer paper and fabric paint?

I’m so excited!!! I just finished re-reading all 7 books in preparation (to give me decorating ideas). I think this will probably be the best party I’ve ever thrown. Or at least it will look the coolest. Plus, I have a new Harry Potter Cookbook I haven’t had the opportunity to use yet. Maybe I just need to get married and have a baby so I can force him/her to have a Harry Potter party every year!


The Reynolds said...

and what might it take to get one? Because I love them!

Luke, Arika and Emma said...

Cute shirts! I wish I could come to your party! I have always wanted to go to a HP party. And Ps, I am so jealous that you have already been to Harry Potter land in FL! I am so excited for the final movie too!

K La said...

You didn't take a picture of the Muggle Born shirt!!! I love it!! I will be sending you hundreds of pictures of Ash wearing it on the 15th!!

sharon said...

Aww..I want one! You are so artsy! Did you draw them all yourself?