Thursday, April 19

“Books are dangerous and need to be beaten into submission.” ~ Orson Scott Card


So guess what happened yesterday?

After years and years (I first read Ender’s Game when I was 9) of being obsessed with Orson Scott Card, I finally met him!


This week was the Texas Library Association annual conference, and since it was just across the street from work, I got to go! I begged them to send me when I heard Orson Scott Card would be there. The above quote is what he said to me when he saw my battered first copy of Ender’s Game.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures without my eyes closed. But, just know that my eyes were closed in excitement!!



Cassy said...

So so so so SO jealous!!! This is a dream of mine! One day, day. :)

cbryan said...

That's pretty awesome! And that quote is hilarious, I want to print it and frame it next to our bookshelf!

Rachel Hunt said...

Amazing! a. that you met him, and b. the quote. It is perfect.

I am so excited for that movie.