Sunday, July 1

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.” ~Martin Luther

One of the wonderful things about summer (at least for those who are still in school) is that you no longer need to follow the school dress code!
Because of this, I had some fun this week dying my cousin Beth’s hair into the purple hair I always wished I had.
 photo (4)photo (1)
We tried to do that dip dye thing that everyone is doing. Although maybe everyone was doing that last year . . . sadly I am now old enough that I’m not really up on those trends . . .
Audrey wanted to get in on the action, so we put a pink streak in her hair.
photo (5)photo (2)
Audrey’s hair was much easier to do! I’ve never seen a 5 year old sit so still.
Luckily this hair dye washes out fairly easily, so maybe I’ll have some purple hair soon too!

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K La said...

You should! I want to see some purple Lia hair!