Wednesday, August 1

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” ~Russell Baker

This has been a rather calm summer, so there hasn’t been a lot to blog about.

Here is what happened in July:

  1. It was HOT.
  2. Spencer left town for almost two weeks.
  3. Laura came to visit!
  4. Spencer came home!
  5. My family came to visit!

There aren’t really any good stories except about #5. My entire family (granted, there are only 4 of us) spent 2 nights sleeping in my tiny 505 sq.ft. apartment! Luckily, my mom and I can fit easily into my full size bed. My dad got the couch and Ray got the floor. Good thing they were stopping by on their way home from Taiwan so they were all too jetlagged to notice how uncomfortable it was!

I’ll try to spice up my August so I have more to write about.

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Cami Rae Strasser said...

hmmm spice it up? ANy news to share?