Wednesday, August 29

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~ John Muir

Last week I took the most last-minute trip I’ve ever taken; those who know me know I take a lot of last-minute trips.

On Sunday night, my mom called me to tell me that my dad and brother were going to Alaska the next morning. Naturally, I was incredibly jealous because a) I’ve never been to Alaska and b) I’ve been stuck in Houston for the past 2 months!

So, Monday morning when I walked into work, I walked straight to my boss’s office and asked him if I could take the week off to go to Alaska. Luckily I’ve been working there long enough that he knows me pretty well and this wasn’t too much of a shock to him. As soon as he said yes, I started running down the hall to rush home and pack.

The next thing I knew I was on a plane to Denver to meet my dad and brother for our flight to Anchorage.

It turns out, Alaska is really beautiful. Too bad I forgot my camera and only had my phone!

iPhone August 2012 457

The purpose of our trip was to pick up some Gibson tractor parts for my dad’s old Gibson tractor.

iPhone August 2012 350iPhone August 2012 395

In addition to that, we saw some salmon spawning, hiked a bit (while on the lookout for bears), visited the Anchorage Museum, and climbed a glacier.

iPhone August 2012 381


We ran into a couple of biologists  studying the immune systems of salmon, and this guy decided to dissect one for us.



iPhone August 2012 382iPhone August 2012 385

iPhone August 2012 403


This water pump can take my whole weight without pumping water! Good thing there are so many lakes and rivers.








iPhone August 2012 404

iPhone August 2012 409

iPhone August 2012 473iPhone August 2012 485

All in all, I’d say it was a successful trip!

iPhone August 2012 494


sharon said...

Um...I am super jealous that you went to Alaska!! It is beautiful! I love how your phone camera works so well :)

Bryce said...

It was a very successful trip. Proof: I got my tractor parts. Dad