Monday, August 19

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” ~John Howard

Because I find myself with some free time, and my trip to London was with Whitney (who somehow manages to take more pictures than even my Dad), I decided that rather than my usual really quick blog post about a trip, I’ll break this trip up into a couple of different posts. Also because I did not write as detailed of a journal as I usually do. I’ll try to only post pictures I didn’t post on Instagram since I’m pretty sure the only people who read my blog also follow me there!

We flew into London on Friday, August 1st. I think that Heathrow may be my least favorite airport. There are not marquees in each terminal that show all the arrivals, just the arrivals for that terminal. Since I didn’t know if Whitney’s flight was direct or not, I had to take the train to each terminal to check the boards and see if I saw her flight number. Then when I finally found it, it took her almost 3 hours after her flight landed to get out to where I was. I thought she had been taken or something since it only took me about 10 minutes to get through customs. Thank goodness Heathrow has free wifi so we were able to send each other iMessages and figure out what was going on!

By the time we got to our hostel (Palmer’s Lodge Hillspring), we were EXHAUSTED.

The next morning, we had signed up for the Prudential RideLondon Freecycle. They closed off 8 miles in central London for bikes. It was AMAZING. At least, I thought so. A great way to see all of the major London sights in one go. Unfortunately, Whitney hadn’t been on a bike in awhile, and apparently hates bikes (I planned the whole vacation), so I don’t think she got to enjoy the sights very much as she was concentrating on not falling off (which didn’t work). The only thing I wish is that I had rented the more expensive road bikes for us, because our bikes seemed kind of bulky and were really heavy any time we stopped and parked them.

photo 1Riding past Buckingham Palace.

photo 3 Houses of Parliament.

After we finished our ride, on our walk across one of the bridges, we saw two boats with rowers. Suddenly, one of the boats started sinking! I’m not sure what happened, but it was so funny to watch (I felt really bad for them though, I would have been freaking out). Luckily a little tugboat came and saved them.

photo 4

After all that biking, we were in need of some refreshments, so we headed to Notting Hill and found some yummy gelato at Portobello Market Road.

photo 5

One thing that you’re going to notice about this trip… it looks like I took it alone! We took a lot of pictures, but we definitely were not good at taking them together!


Zane and Cami said...

Okay I feel bad for finding it so funny, but that is hilarious about the row boat sinking! Like, how on earth? I'm glad that they were saved though!

sharon said...

Fun! keep the pictures coming!