Sunday, September 1

“I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera.” ~William Butler Yeats


Our trip to Oxford was probably the highlight of the entire trip for me. It turns out, I LOVE Oxford. I almost didn’t leave. Even at the end of the day when it started pouring rain I just kept thinking that even the rain in Oxford is wonderful. I even begged someone at the library for a job, but they seemed to think I was joking.

Because Oxford is my new passion, be prepared for the most pictures of any post. Although the pictures don’t do it justice and I wish I had taken more!

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On the train to Oxford! So excited! Plus it was a beautiful train ride!







We passed a town called Reading! Maybe they pronounce it differently, but I still think it is a cute town name!

photo 2

photo 3

So happy to be in Oxford! Even just on a random street it looks awesome!


photo 4

The Bodleian Library! This is the reason that I dragged Whitney to Oxford. Unfortunately… we got a late start and they were completely sold out of tour tickets! Except… for one cancellation… so…. I ditched Whitney! She was probably pretty shocked since I didn’t discuss it with her first (there were a LOT of people in line behind us trying to get tickets so I didn’t want to risk losing it). Luckily, since Oxford is the BEST TOWN EVER, there was a lot for her to do while she wandered around for an hour by herself.

photo 5


Oxford is also where we finally got a picture that had both of us! I shocked a huge Chinese tour group by asking them to help us take a picture.

Unfortunately, they were so shocked that they didn’t get the top of the church in the picture!








We had some time before my tour, so we went to check out Christ Church College. It was pretty awesome, and may look familiar as it was used in the filming of the Harry Potter movies.

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Something that I LOVE in England is that all the old churches and colleges have plaques for the Librarians (and in this case Library Clerk). It is amazing to go into Westminster Abbey and see all the names of famous authors and politicians with Librarians thrown into the mix.






THEN…. My tour of the Bodleian Library! Depending on who you ask, the Bodleian library is either the oldest library in Europe, or one of the oldest. It is second in size only to the British Library.

photo 4photo 5photo 3

They were having a special exhibit on Magical Books. C.S. Lewis, Susan Cooper, JRR Tolkien, Philip Pullman, HARRY POTTER… It was the perfect exhibit for my visit. Especially as one of the reasons I chose to visit stemmed from a reading of A Discovery of Witches (another magical book).


photo 1photo 5

Everything in Oxford is SO wonderful!!! Duke Humfrey’s Library (seen above, part of the Bodleian Library) was AMAZING. That’s where I flagged down a passing librarian to beg for a job.

Then we just continued to wander around Oxford and stopped for some of the best hot chocolate EVER.

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Jules said...

I'm finally able to catch up on my blogs!! Thanks to you, :). England looks amazing- I want to go! You look so cute in all your pictures, too! That's funny that you ditched Whitney to tour the library- I'd expect nothing less of you! Lol. Too bad that didn't happen for the mark twain house :(.