Monday, October 21

“For your birthday, I got you a box. Hooray! It’s empty, so you can fill it with whatever you want.
” ~ Jarod Kintz

This year for my birthday, my friends in Houston threw me my first ever surprise party!

It was tea-party themed and so cute! Unfortunately, I only got a picture of myself blowing out my candles and not of the party.

Later that weekend (this was the weekend before my actual birthday), I had a family party at my aunt Karen's house. My cousin Bethany made me this hamburger cake.

Unfortunately, the cake is being blocked by this hand, but take my word for it that it was a very impressive cake for a 7th grader to make! At least... I think she's in 7th grade....

On my actual birthday I had a fun sushi night and opened all the presents I got in the mail! It was great!

My birthday week ended with a trip to Connecticut to visit my friend Julie! Details to come....


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