Friday, January 3

"Many people have the idea that game shows are easy to come up with. And nothing could be further from the truth." ~Bob Barker

So, another post about my brother!

My brother and my grandpa were on The Price is Right yesterday!!

If you have some time, and you want to watch, it is on the CBS website for the next couple of days:

Or here is a little highlight clip:

They did pretty well! I actually kind of hate the show... but I do like watching my family win things! Plus our family members in the audience are pretty crazy.



The Reynolds said...

Oh my goodness! That's so awesome. It felt weird seeing people I actually know. I watched your little clip, but did they make it all the way to the showcase showdown??? And I just had to your family has never been to London. "Free" is good though!

K La said...

That is so cool!

And of all the things to win: free plane tickets. Hooray.