Tuesday, April 25

3 Days in Mexico City

For my first Spring Break trip of 2017 (yes, there were two), I went on a trip with my family to Mexico City! (Mike had to work all weekend).

The flight from Houston is luckily only 2 hours, so it was super easy to get there. When we arrived it was late Thursday night, so Ray (who had already been there a week) and our friend AB picked us up and we stayed the night at her house.

Friday our first stop was the Frida Kahlo House. Luckily it was within walking distance!

Saturday was a trip to Teotihuacan! Very cool. And HUGE. It made Chichen Itza (Spring Break a couple years ago) look like a baby.  

Other than those two places, we mostly spent our trip wandering around the city eating tacos. The perfect way to spend a weekend. 


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